Assignment 1

Preparatory, Assignment  1 a + b
Week 26-­32 (Jun 24 ‐ Aug 5)

 John Thackara:  Click on these: Readings by John  Thackara

Annika Göran Rodell: Go to Presencing Institutes homepage and look at the links: Theory U, on the left column click on Executive Summaries and Principles. See also from Ego-system to Eco-system 

Cheryl Akner Koler  Please explore these pages to learn about Haptics in relation to the design and culinary art experience.

VÄRT: is are support partner for meals at Hjulsjö.VÄRTS homepage.

Assignment 1  is conducted at a distance. Students should do the work individually at their own pace, wherever they are, submitting Assignment 1 digitally on the due dates.

The work for Assignment 1 consists of 2 parts:

(1a) Introduce yourself! asap! DUE  June 24th  17:00 CET

(1b)  local Food System poster/map DUE  Aug 5th  17:00 CET

(1a) Introduce yourself 

This information about you is to help us address your interests for the Workshop Week.

  • Download this word document: Introduce-yourself_2019+
  • Fill in the form and send it to Email:  
  • DUE June 24th 

(1b) Prepare your local Food System poster

Watch the introductory video-talks by John Thackara

In Assignment  1b you should describe the steps by which you would embark on a Back To The Land 2.0 relationship through mapping a local food system. In a poster / map format, describe the links needed to make new city-rural connections happen – based on where you live, study, or work.

  • The format is a poster A3 page (max 3 mb)  – put your name on the page in the lower right hand corner!  For more inspiration to posters see, Pinterest 
  • Email the poster to:  
  • DUE  August 5th  13:00 CET

To start the assignment, choose a food system that is personal and local to you! ‘Local’ could refer to the region, culture or home.

This poster should:

  • show the geographical area  with the key people, locations, activities & ecological systems in your local area
  • show how key actors in the food system are connected to each other now (- or not) and who is involved in producing, consuming, creating, profiting, care-taking, preserving, etc.
  • show the relationships between actors (and places) you will add, or improve, by design
  • show what infrastructures and systems are involved, how do they work
  • include a tweet (including hashtags) to be used to launch the poster.

Inspiration for this poster :

Finally – Once you have completed Assignment 1b and sent the poster,  take some time to reflect on what you have found most meaningful in this work. What is the most important question you are holding at this moment? (What has surprised you and where do feel resistance.)

To hand in your assignment, email: The teaching team will print your A3 PDF and bring it to the Workshop Week, where you will also present orally. You will share this during course introduction in your interest group.