Assignment 3

Assignment 3 

Aug 15th-  Sept 7th  “Back home”

Assignment 3 (with a summary of 1 & 2) This work is done at a distance. Assignment 3 is submitted digitally for examination. The latest date to submit the final assignment is Sept 7.

  •  Reflection: You will summarize your experiences from assignment 1 and the online workshop week. Each student refines these experiences according to their own perspective, skills, and long-term interests for themselves and for the community.
  • The outline for this work will be posted on June 21th.

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Take care from the course leaders, Cheryl Akner Koler, John Thackara & Annika Göran Rodell


Background; Assignment 1 – summary: Guided by ideas in your b=ackground reading, you explored and mapped the assets in your own local area: its key people, locations, activities & ecological systems. You indicated how key actors and assets are connected to each other – or not: people and places for growing food, preparing, consuming, running enterprises. You may also have explained which infrastructures and systems are involved, and how they work. You indicated how connections between actors and places might be added, or improved, by design. You were asked to include a tweet (including hashtags) to be used to launch the poster.

Assignment 2 – summary: Our workshop week together in Hjulsjo – you had experience working with a partner on their live project. You explored the qualities of a place in a group and, reflectively, on your own. You were introduced in talks to some of the other city-rural connections now emerging. You experienced how the stages on this journey are shaped coherently by Theory U. In preparing a meal collaboratively you helped enact a live prototype enriched by haptic qualities. You took part in different meal experiences with course participants, partners and the village folk.


Assignment 3 – This work is about your own reflection over the week workshop at Hjulsjö.  It is about your insight into how you understand the expert you worked with, the work your interest group /team has compiled and the methods/design processes you have learned and used in collaborating with experts and participants. Since assignment 3 is to be completed individually and at a distance, this is your chance to work creatively and critically for a long term sustainable future.

Examination form: Reflect on your notebook from Hjulsjö and begin to answer the questions below.  Parallel with text development, create a POSTER that complements your Text and uses the headings in your text to help structure your poster and vise-versa.  Text length is 1000 words.

This Text  and Poster should address the following points:
– review the different kinds of city-rural reconnections you have learned about and tell us which of these might inform your own work going forward.

– describe the most valuable practical lessons you have learned during the workshop week;

– tell us which inspirations, methods or solutions you will use in future work;

– reflect on your own contribution to a collaboration process in a future real-life situation, and describe which skills and capabilities you feel you need to develop for the future – such as self-awareness, ecological empathy, connecting with new people, managing multiple types of information, and so on.

– identify the capabilities and knowledge of others you can imagine you will need to connect with in your future work.


Deliver   DUE by no later than Sept 7 

Put your name on the TEXT & POSTER at the top left corner: surname and Assignment-3 (ex: “Thackara_Assignment-3”). Export text and POSTER to PDF. Send to