Assignment 2

Assignment  2  ON-LINE 

  • ON-LINE Workshop week Aug 8- 14: This week is the most intensive period of the course. We advise that you keep this week as free of other commitments as possible. We do not want you to sit in front of a computer for hours on end – so be prepared to be engage in our activities. Each morning we gather to participate in common routines introducing Theory “U” lead by Annika Göran Rodell, followed by a unique program designed for each day. Course leaders and invited experts will introduce activities to be carried out online and in your own environment. Food Labs, lead by Cheryl Akner Koler and Corina Akner (VÄRT) will be offered in which haptic sense, touch and other non-verbal forms of communication are used in a variety of taste and meal experiences. We also plan a public telecast, on Friday 14 August, to share some of our experiences from the workshop to a wider audience. (more info. on FB.)


A week long Hjulsjö Workshop 

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