Hjulsjö workshop

This  live week workshop in Hjulsjö village will be shaped by  the different stages of the Theory U process:

  • Suspending judgment
  • Redirecting: embodied meditative and performative activities,
  • Letting go
  • Letting come: mapping
  • Enacting activities that make tangible connections to intangible experiences.
  • Embodying

The entire workshop week focuses on how the stages of Theory U support the exploration of sustainable food systems in both rural and urban perspectives. The local Swedish culture of Hjulsjö village will, of course, be our main source of inspiration in relation to each participants’ interests and background.  Each day offers a variety of opportunity to meet with course participants, course leaders, local partners, and our village neighbors.

We begin each day with a shared breakfast followed by a collective group practice in a circle. The day ends with the co-creation of a meal and the collective meal experience that activates our senses and gives time to enjoy and reflect on the taste of each course. The meal experience gives content, process, and form that express ecological and sustainable perspectives with a local and national Swedish profile.

Sharing a Taste experience  that expresses the diversity of the students/ leaders,

Food waste meal making with haptic and tactile cooking methods,

Local experts knowledge and experience in:

  • eco-gardening 
  • agroforestry
  • ranching

Our partners and invited guest are welcome to join our collective meal where we serve food product from Hjulsjö and the surrounding area.


Arrive at 16:00. Bring your Taster to the missions kitchen /window bar. There will be tea and coffee with fruit at the window bar to land and relax.  Check out the surroundings and set up your tent.                                                                        The Taster starts around 18:00 at the missions house.  You first meet in pairs and explain what you have made. Then each pair tastes each others taster.  Finally, everyone tastes everyone’s taster and start to mingle, eat and drink. Take a small spoon first so there will be “Lagom ” enough to go around.

We then gather in a circle inside the missions house to learn each other names, go through the week program, practical issues and end with an evening walk.