Workshop week/ August 10th- Aug. 16th

Here is a brief outline:

Workshop week will be held in the rural village Hjulsjö 3 hours north west of stockholm. We leave Stockholm on Wednesday August 10th and leave Hjulsjö Tuesday August 16th.  

The Workshop Week is on location at Hjulsjö. This is a unique and thriving cultural-ecological community. The Workshop Week involves hands-on explorations of sustainability approaches, food issues, and design skills through lectures, tutorials, and design tasks. This will take place in connection with the local environment and with local partners in the region. 

TRANSPORT: From Stockholm to/from HJULSJÖ. Where is Hjulsjö? map

Round trip BUS: This option is strongly recommended – it will be the most direct option! We will arrange a free of cost roundtrip bus from  Stockholm city Hall (Statshuset) to Hjulsjö and back. If you book a seat for one way inform us if you will be on the Stockholm to Hjulsjö or Hjulsjö to Stockholm route.If you have any problems call  John Thackara mob. +336 21 77 83 19, John will be on the bus. If you don’t connect with John call  Cheryl Akner Koler mob. +46 70 279 83 76 

COST- KONSTFACK covers the cost of the BUS trip. (If you chose another form of transportation you cover all your costs.)

WHERE: The Stockholm City Hall  (Statshuset) a 5 min walk from the Stockholm Central train station                          The Bus is parked by the water front at Norr Mälarstrand 1 


Stockholm to Hjulsjö – Wednesday August 10th at 12:55 the buss will be parked from 12:40 so please come no later than 12:45.   ARRIVE: Hjulsjö Missions house  at 16:00 

Hjulsjö to StockholmTuesday August 16th at 13:00  ARRIVE: Stockholm is 16:00 Send an email to to secure a seat. (Please inform us as soon as possible if you will be taking the bus.)

BY CAR: (see map)   all cost are covered by the student. If you arrive early give us a call at +46 70 279 83 76 so we can meet up and get you settled. 



The entire workshop week is shaped by the 5 stages of ‘Theory U’ model as we explore sustainable food systems from both rural and urban perspectives.

  • Suspending judgment
  • Redirecting: embodied meditative and performative activities,
  • Letting go
  • Letting come: mapping
  • Enacting activities that make tangible connections to intangible experiences.
  • Embodying

Each day offers a variety of opportunities to meet participants, course leaders and local partners /experts. 

We begin each day with a shared breakfast followed by a collective group practice in a circle. The day ends with the co-creation of a meal and the collective meal experience that activates our senses and gives time to enjoy and reflect on the taste of each course. The meal experience gives content, process, and form that express ecological, aesthetic and sustainable perspectives with a local and national profile.


When we meet in a TASTER DINNER by sharing a Taste experience that expresses the diversity of the students/ leaders. We ask everyone to prepare a Taste of their culture & context, enough for at least a spoonful for each participant.  It can be anything that you can make that has a unique flavor and tactile/ haptic experience that is vegetarian. Do not prepare food that needs to be heated or requires any extra preparation. Keep it simple so we don’t have congestion in the kitchen. 

Please prepare a statement that about ingredients (vegetarian), the name of the food and your name. 


Food waste meal making with haptic and tactile cooking methods,

Local experts knowledge and experience in:

  • eco-gardening 
  • agroforestry
  • ranching

Our partners and invited guests are welcome to join our collective meal where we serve food products from Hjulsjö and the surrounding area. 

When the bus arrives, put your taster at the missions house. Sett up your tents at the camping area, have a stroll around the premises, become familiar with the facilities, etc. Our first gathering will be at the local Missions House (across from the campsite) in the evening around 6 PM (18:00), with a mingling activity and a ‘potluck /collaborative tasting’ dinner. 

If you arrive earlier call the course leaders +46 70 279 83 76 and inform them of your arrival time. You can set up your tent and help out.

Where is Hjulsjö? map


The  Missions House is our main location for meals & meetings.   


CAMPGROUND (The cost for camping is covered by Konstfack)

The campgrounds are across the street from the Missions house. The grounds and facilities are run by Elin Mulderij who drives  Landleva Hjulsjö a family sheep ranch, cafe and camping center.

There are other alternative places to stay in the village, however, you will have to cover the costs your self.  Link to:  farmhouse , youth hostel , more on MTB website

Contact person: Ellen Mulderij Email: <>


The summer in Sweden can be hot in the day however in August it could also rainy and chilly, especially in the evenings. Many activities of the course will be outdoors. Bring:

Clothes:  Raincoat and waterproof boots, warm wool sweater, lots of socks, long pants and a knitted hat to sleep in. Summer clothes, swimsuit, sandals, sports shoes etc.                                                               

More stuff: towel, flashlight, ecological shampoo and toothpaste, mosquito repellent, thermos, water bottle.

Ticks – there are ticks in Hjulsjö so you should check yourself regularly (each day). Ticks are possible carriers of Borelia – so be careful.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT  Please bring your own TENT, air mattress /thick pad and a  WARM sleeping bag for at least minus 10 degrees!  At the end of August, the evening temperature can fall under minus degrees in this area. During the last workshop, some participants brought summer sleeping bags and literally froze every night.

Shower  & WC Outdoor sink for preparing lunch

Toilets  & showers    

  • Dry toilets in the red cabin (above photo) across the street from the camping area
  • WC’s in the Missions house
  • WC’s and showers at Motion center  (showers require a cost,  paid at the cafe)

Bathing, sauna  & showers    Bathing and washing in the lake by the campsite and swimming area is highly recommended! This is a classic Swedish tradition. Bring your own ecological soap and shampoo. There is also a wood-fired Sauna available by the lake, close to the campsite.  Showers: camping facilities & Motion center.


Electricity  There is electricity at the Missions house, cafes and at the motion center.

FOOD PLAN  during the HULSJÖ WEEK  (see menu FoodPlan) 

Local cafe Here are some cafes that may be open: ( however they may have limited service.) 

Lantliv cafe is a small shop/kiosk/café at the campsite where you can buy ecological jams and products and some very basic essentials.

Hjulsjö 103 cafe Next to the campsite

Motions Center café  in the village across from the church

Recap of links


Bankomat and withdrawing cash: There is no money withdrawal at Hjulsjö. Regular credit/debit cards can be used for most things.

Alcohol:  Alcohol can only be bought in Sweden at the national stores called Systembolaget.There is no Systembolaget in Hjulsjö, so you must bring alcoholic drinks with you if you wish.

Shops: Nearest Bank, Grocery, Systembolaget, clothes or other shops are at Hällefors or Kopparberg 

Valuables: There are no lockers i.e. do not bring jewelry or other valuables!


Check for more important changes that will be updated on the homepage 

Send questions to  email:

General Program: will be updated a week before the course starts. 

Wednesday  ARRIVE






Tuesday LEAVE