Food Plan

Here is the information on cost for Food plan.

To support a sustainable, collaborative and affordable week we encourage all to take part in this shared food plan for 3 meals:

  • Basic breakfast
  • Simple lunch 
  • Amazing Evening meals

ATTENTION! please bring snacks, fruit and bread for pauses. 

Cost for  Food: To be paid no later then course June 24 Costs: 900 SEK – 90 €  

PAY: to   bankgiro 5052-1954. Please put the following information when paying: “First name, Last name, Backtotheland Food plan: vsh 332351″

DEADLINE TO PAY: at course start  we operate on a ‘self cost principle’. The food plan is not refundable 

SEND an email stating you have paid the food plan to help us keep track of thing:  

TASTER on Sunday

We ask everyone to bring a Taste of their culture & context that will be enough for 30 people to have a small taste of.  It can be anything that you can make that has a unique flavour and tactile/ haptic experience that is vegetarian.  The kitchen at the Missions house is very small so the “taster” should be easy to serve with no extra preparation when you come. (This means no heating food.) There will be rice and sourdough bread as a complement to the taste experience. 

Please write a card that states the ingredients (vegetarian), the name of the food and your name.