From Stockholm to/from HJULSJÖ.

Where is Hjulsjö? map

Round trip BUS: This option is strongly recommended – it will be the most direct option! We will arrange a free of cost roundtrip bus from  Stockholm city to Hjulsjö and back. If you book a seat for one way inform us if you will be on the Stockholm to Hjulsjö or Hjulsjö to Stockholm route.

If you have any problems call  John Thackara mob. +336 21 77 83 19, John will be on the bus. If you don’t connect with John call  Cheryl Akner Koler mob. +46 70 279 83 76 

COST- KONSTFACK covers the cost of the BUS trip. (If you chose another form of transportation you cover all your costs.)

WHERE: The Stockholm City Hall  (Statshuset) a 5 min walk from the Stockholm Central train station                          The Bus is parked by the water front at Norr Mälarstrand 1 

Central Station 

Stockholm to Hjulsjö

Leaves: Sunday 8 August at 12:55 the buss will be parked from 12:40 so please come no later than 12:45.   

ARRIVE:   Hjulsjö  Missions house  at 16:00 

Return trip

WHERE:  Hjulsjö to Stockholm 

WHEN: Saturday 14 August at 13:00

ARRIVE: Stockholm is 16:00 


Send an email to to secure a seat. 

( Please inform us as soon as possible if you will be taking the bus. Mark an x for transport on the form ” introduce yourself” under assignment 1 )

BY CAR: (see map)   all cost are covered by  students 

If you arrive early give us a call at +46 70 279 83 76 so we can meet up and get you settled.