If you have any problems call  John Thackara mob. +336 21 77 83 19, John will be on the bus. If you don’t connect with John call  Cheryl Akner Koler mob. +46 70 279 83 76 

Where is Hjulsjö? map

KONSTFACK covers the cost of the BUS only.

If you chose another form of transportation you need to cover all your cost. 

Round trip BUS: This option is strongly recommended – it will be the most direct option! We will arrange a free of cost roundtrip bus from  Stockholm city to Hjulsjö and back. If you book a seat for one way inform us if you will be on the Stockholm to Hjulsjö or Hjulsjö to Stockholm route.

WHERE: The Stockholm City Hall  (Statshuset) which is a 6 min walk from the Stockholm Central train station                          Bus parked down by the water at                 Norr Mälarstrand 1 

Central Station 

Stockholm to Hjulsjö

Leaves: Sunday 9 August at 12:55 the buss will be parked from 12:40 so please come no later than 12:45.   

ARRIVE:   Hjulsjö  Missions house  at 16:00 

Return trip

WHERE:  Hjulsjö to Stockholm 

WHEN: Saturday 15 August at 13:00

ARRIVE: Stockholm is 16:00 


Send an email to to secure a seat. 

( Please inform us as soon as possible if you will be taking the bus. Mark an x for transport on the form ” introduce yourself” under assignment 1 )

BY CAR: (see map)   all cost are covered by  students 

If you arrive early gives us a call +46 70 279 83 76 so we can meet up and get you settled.